Face-to-face appointments: know your choices

Digital appointments don't work for everyone. Many health care services have moved online, but you can still request a face-to-face appointment. Here's what you can expect from the NHS if you need to be seen in person.
A doctor with a stethoscope listening to a patient's chest

There a number of reasons why someone may need a face-to-face appointment with a heath professional. They may not have a device they can use, or they may lack the skills and confidence to use the internet. Many people who have difficulty speaking or writing English also prefer to see someone in person.

Healthwatch England, alongside National Voices, the Royal College of Physicians, and the Royal College of General Practitioners, have put together a list of things you can expect from the NHS.

They include:

  • being seen in person
  • receiving help from staff to book an appointment
  • having access to an interpreter.

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NHS appointments and remote care: knowing your choices

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