The public agenda for our next Prioritisation Panel on August 17

See how we work out the main health and care priorities for Bristol from your feedback. Our meeting at 3:30pm on August 17 is where we action your comments or concerns with providers to ensure what you tell us makes a difference.
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Healthwatch Bristol gathers patient feedback via our website forms, over the phone, and on social media, and every three months, groups what you tell us into themes and areas such as access to GP appointments and hospital waiting times.

This is so we can build up a picture of services and update providers such as the local clinical commissioning group with important information.

The public agenda is as follows:

3:30am: welcome, introduction, conflict of interests

3:35am: review of action log from last meeting

3:45am: verbal review Matrix from Patient Feedback Q1

4:00pm: Public Reports and recommendations

4:15pm: Bristol Healthwatch latest news

4:20pm: AOB

4:30pm: close. Future meetings: Wednesday November 2, 11:30am - 12:30pm

Download our public agenda below. If you'd like to join the meeting, email


Prioritisation Panel agenda

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