Dhek Bhal Women's Group Event Report

Healthwatch Bristol worked in partnership with Dhek Bhal in organising focus group workshops on emotional health and wellbeing in the South Asian community in February 2018.
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1. This report articulated well the importance of organisations and community groups for people over 50. They help people socialise and assists people in the South Asian Community overcome isolation. The report provides strong evidence that people felt very well supported by their GPs and the services which they provide.

2. Dhek Bhal participants are accommodated by health and social care professionals on a referral basis only. Many participants felt that they had greatly benefited from being referred by their GPs to organisations such as Dhek Bhal. This and other day centres had helped shape and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

3. Some people no longer took medication for their depression and felt integrated within the group/society, as well as learning about health check-ups, participating in exercise and crafts and socialising on trips and during events. We found out which health services people accessed to help them with both their physical and mental health.

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