Enter and View at Elgar House

Read our report on Elgar House, Southmead Hospital, where we observed the facilities and spoke to patients on the wards. We found delays in sorting patients' care at home leading to prolonged stays.
Elgar house

Elgar House is for people who are medically fit to leave the hospital but unable to return home, due to lack of suitable social care support or are awaiting transfer to a care home.

Key findings

Many patients we spoke to did not have a discharge date leading to confusion.

One patient's relative was travelling over 100 miles to visit them. The patient had been waiting over a month for a care package to be put in place.

Patients' carers/support workers said there were delays in making social care assessments which was slowing up the flow of patients who could be discharged. 

Some patients were still in nightclothes at 12pm and some felt bored and didn't have much social interaction while our representatives were there.

There was also some impressive facilities to help patients observed such as Dementia-friendly clocks and flooring styled to suit the visual distortions sometimes experienced by Dementia patients.

Response from Elgar House has been reassuring:-

We have been advised that a discharge tracker staff member was recruited last year to help communicate with patients and keep on top of particularly complex cases which may delay them being able to go home or into other accommodation.

Staff to patient ratios are monitored closely and are within government guidelines.


Elgar House Enter and View Feb 2020

Historical Reports

We visited Elgar House on 12th December 2018, to read a copy of our 2018 report to compare the results please click the link below.  

December 2018 Enter & View at Elgar House

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