People with learning disabilities and their carers are entitled to a free flu vaccination

Preventing flu can be particularly important for people with a learning disability. Flu can lead to pneumonia and sepsis, which many people with a learning disability are much more vulnerable to than the general population.
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If you have a learning disability, it's really important to get the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine can stop you from getting very ill and needing to go to hospital.

It's free, and you can get it from your doctor, a nurse, or a pharmacist. The flu vaccine is safe, and it's really important that you get it as soon as you can.

Carers can also get a free flu vaccine, because people with learning disabilities are less likely to get the flu if the people around them have also been vaccinated.

The flu vaccine cannot give you flu. It offers protection against the flu, so that if you do get it, the symptoms will be milder.

You can download a letter which explains why you should get the flu vaccine by clicking on the 'Download' button below. You or your carer can take this letter to your GP to explain why you need to have the flu vaccine.


Eligible for a free flu vaccine letter

While at the doctors getting your flu vaccine, ask about having your annual health check. Annual health checks are free and can help you stay fit and healthy. You can download a checklist for you or your carer to take with you by clicking here.

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