A bigger focus - we want to hear from people all over our new region.

Come and hear what the newly-named Healthwatch 3 (Bristol, North Somerset and South Glos) has been up to over the last year – and our plans to strengthen the patient voice to make a difference to services in Bristol and South Glos.
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Our AGM will take place on October 29th at Vintage Church, Hughenden Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 2UR, from 11am-1pm with a light lunch included. Healthwatch North Somerset took over the contract to run the two neighbouring areas (becoming Healthwatch 3) on October 1st and will put together a workplan for these, based on our successful formula for selecting priorities to help make services better for everyone. Our prioritisation panel uses patient feedback and intelligence from data picked up by Healthwatch based on things like recurring topics and issues, likely impact on communities and how Healthwatch can make a difference. We aim to use this system in all three areas as part of our mission.

The AGM will include a presentation from Janet Rowse the Chief Executive of Sirona, the company that will be providing community health services in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Glos region from April next year. Matt Lenny the new Director of Public Health will then talk about upcoming priorities for North Somerset Council.

Our new Area Manager, Vicky Marriott, will give a short presentation on the work our team did last year (as Healthwatch, North Somerset) and how we can work across the three areas in the future.

She said: “We are excited to be able to extend our service to cover a bigger area.  We used a successful process for determining our priorities in North Somerset and want to build on this for our new areas.” We are also looking for volunteers to help us lead some of our engagement work with the public which will follow in the next few weeks. See more here AGM Agenda 2019 



“By offering all people of Bristol, North Somerset and South Glos a strong voice we will improve the quality of health and social care – this is the cornerstone of our work and we wish to broaden it to cover the three areas.”

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