Two out of three people not getting autism support - new figures confirm Healthwatch's own findings

Two out of three adults are not getting the support they need for autism spectrum disorders according to new figures. The findings are similar to what Bristol patients told us in a recent Healthwatch survey.
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These figures emerged from a parliamentary group and suggest a marked gap in service provision – which was also identified in a combined Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire survey which Healthwatch carried out earlier this year. Patients raised the issue with Healthwatch saying they couldn’t access support and treatment very easily. With this mind we asked some autism-related questions in the WhatWouldYouDo? Survey where we asked the public their views on services they use and how government cash could be used to fund local improvements. According to All Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) and the National Autistic Society in their work to look at the impact of the Autism Act 10 years after it was introduced, 71 per cent of adults aren’t getting the support they need. According to the CQC which has highlighted the findings it could mean autistic adults aren’t getting help to do things other people take for granted, like socialising, managing money or getting out and about. Concerns have been raised that without the right care and understanding for autistic people they can be consequences such as isolation and mental health problems. 40 per cent of respondents to the Healthwatch survey, with local update on this due out soon, said the wait forgets slow or very slow and then said services were very sporadic after that. 


Summary of Healthwatch's findings in BNSSG

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